Economic Improvement District

Economic Improvement District

What is an EID?

HDP receives funding through an Economic Improvement District (EID). EIDs are designated commercial districts within which property owners agree to self-assess a fee that funds a higher level of service than otherwise provided by a municipality. Downtown Hillsboro’s EID has been in place since April 1, 2015 with an initial period of five years and terminates on March 31, 2020. EIDs can be renewed indefinitely for up to five years at a time with the approval of district property owners.

Most districts in Oregon are renewed. McMinnville has had an EID since 1986.

How are EID’s created?

Typically, a representative group of property owners work to gather support for the district’s creation. An ordinance is proposed by city council and open for public comment. If property owners representing more than two-thirds of the assessment fees choose not to object, the district is formed or renewed.

What is the EID fee structure?

Properties within the District that have lot frontage on Main Street between 1st and 5th are assessed 0.6% of their assessed value. Properties within the District that do not front Main Street, along with properties that front Main Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, are assessed 0.4% of their assessed value. No assessment will exceed $1,700 per property.

Below is the map outlining Downtown Hillsboro’s EID.

How is the EID represented?

The Hillsboro Downtown Partnership is led by a board of directors representing property owners and business owners. While the composition of the board varies from year to year, every director has an expressed interest in the revitalization of Downtown Hillsboro. Focusing on what economists call the “four forces of property value,” social, political, physical, and economic, HDP’s work not only drives vitality but accelerates the return on investment of district property owners.

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