WHAT: A tradition since 1982, the Downtown Hillsboro Farmers’ Market is a seasonal open-air market located in the heart of Hillsboro. This market celebrates the region’s rich agricultural history by connecting the community with local farmers and artisans that provide fresh, seasonal produce and products. They also partner with farms, small businesses, and groups to provide education and resources.

WHEN: Saturdays, April 27 – September 27, from 8:00 am-1:00 pm (streets reopen at 3:00 pm).  Saturdays, October 5-26, from 9:00 am-1:00 pm (streets reopen at 3:00 pm)

WHY: Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets create community gathering-places for people to buy local produce and products. These efforts strive to enhance our community health and economic growth.

WHO IT’S BY: The Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets is a not for profit corporation that is governed by a Board of Directors and managed by a professional market staff, led by Market Manager Liz Connor.

WHO IT’S FOR: Locals come from several miles in all directions to enjoy the fresh, seasonal produce and products. Special programs are available to encourage veterans, low income neighbors, and families to shop and participate.

WHERE IT’S HAPPENING: The market center is at the intersection of 2nd and Main Street and spreads out in one block in each direction from there, except south on 2nd, where the street closure ends at the half-block where traffic can turn into the US Bank parking lot or into the alley that ends in the Civic Center parking lot.


Entice shoppers into your store. The shoppers that arrive after 9:00 am, usually aren’t in as much of a rush as the early-birds and tend to stick around to eat and visit with neighbors. Many of the days either host another event within the market or have a theme, which you can find out more about by visiting their event webpage. These provide opportunities for you to attract customers, new and old into your business. See the following pages for examples. Or…

Rent a vendor space. If you are a first-floor retail business that is within the footprint of the market, you can rent the space in front of your business and create a sidewalk sale atmosphere with the back of the canopy open to the sidewalk. Although, we think this is unnecessary to take advantage of the event, some businesses have found it beneficial. Special considerations outside of typical market rules and pricing are given to businesses within the footprint.


  • An active relationship with the market manager that allows for open communication, problem resolution, and continual collaboration.
  • Collaborative, ongoing efforts with businesses to support their visibility to market-goers.


Q: How many people come to each farmers’ market?

A: The average for the Saturday market is typically around 5,000 attendees, with even larger numbers during the peak season (June-August).

Q: Will the streets be closed?

A: The streets will be closed every market day from 5:00 am to 3:00 pm, from Main (from 3rd to 1st) and 2nd from Lincoln to Washington.

Q: Why do the streets have to stay closed until 3:00 pm, when the market is over at 1:00 pm?

A: Our vendors require time to pack up and market staff need time to clean the streets and pick up traffic control equipment. Market that strive to open the streets as quickly as possible while address unanticipated issues and maintaining safety.

Q: Why are so many parking spots outside of the market footprint blocked?

A: For each event that involves a street closure a civic engineer at the City reviews and designs a traffic plan for the event. The market must adhere to this plan or risk fines. HDP is actively working with the City staff to find ways to minimize the effect on Downtown businesses.

Q: What happens to the trash generated during the market?

A: Vendors are expected to clean up their space at the end of the market and haul away any their trash to dispose of at their own business locations. Customers can use trash receptacles provided by the market throughout the footprint.

Q: What if restrooms are needed by participants?

A: We hope that you can make an exception to your normal policy and let market goers use your business restroom. If you can’t, please let them know that the restrooms at the Civic Center are open.

Q: Can I set up a sidewalk sale in front of my business during the market?

A: The sidewalk in front of businesses is not part of the market’s footprint, so as long as you are within the City’s codes and regulations, including leaving a 5-foot clear path for pedestrian traffic, you can use the sidewalk directly in front of your business.

Q: Who should I talk to if I see vendors storing their excess product on the sidewalk or disregarding other market rules that may affect my business?

A: A clearly written note, that includes your name, contact information, and a description of your concern, dropped off at the information booth is the most effective, if you feel it is necessary to address the concern during the event. This allows the manager to triage concerns and follow-up with you. If the concern doesn’t need to be addressed immediately, please email manager@hillsboromarkets.org and ej@downtownhillsboro.org with the same information.

Q: Are buskers (street entertainers looking for tips) allowed to block the sidewalks?

A: The market legally has very little control over buskers and can only hope that they check-in and cooperate. If a busker is in front of your business, you can ask them to move to a location that does not impede the flow of pedestrian traffic.

Q: Why can’t a vendor space in front of my business be left empty if the footprint isn’t to capacity with vendors?

A: There are best practices among event coordinators that urges the compression of vendors as much as possible, because visitors to events perceive gaps and empty spaces as mismanagement of an event and are less likely to return.

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