Julie Fagerquist was forced to close down Nan’s previous location when TV Hwy was expanded. But she has found a new home in Downtown Hillsboro.

Everyone has been very friendly and helpful and I feel very welcomed Downtown!

What better place to locate a women’s-apparel business than Downtown Hillsboro where there is a concentration of working women shopping for their professional and casual wear? We interviewed Julie Fagerquist, second generation owner of Nans’ on Third.

“I have this business in my blood. My mother, Nan, started the original Nan’s (Nan’s Glad Rags) in 1979 and I started working for her in 1981. When Nan retired in 2003, I purchased the business. Then we weren’t sure where the best location would be until we discovered the space on SE 3rd Avenue in Downtown Hillsboro. It was affordable, close to the TriMet Hillsboro Central Station with lots of walking traffic plus surrounded by many salons and other great businesses. We have never been in a downtown setting…so far it’s been great. Previously, we were a destination location and never had much walking traffic but now we have both.

I grew up in Hillsboro and have many great memories of Downtown. Now, returning to Downtown for my business, I’m finding that the neighborhood feel and the comradery are awesome. We all share the same goal…we all want each other’s businesses to thrive and to bring more people Downtown to conduct their business and of course shop. We look out for each other. We love getting to know our repeat customers and so many of them live and/or work Downtown.

The inventory in the store reguraly turns over and a weekly visit can uncover fashion surprises, each time. 

I hope to appeal to or inspire all women of course, that’s what our business is all about. Consignment can be a win-win experience, having a resource to bring in items to sell that are still desirable and to find nice affordable clothing and accessories to trade or purchase. There is another plus the merchandise is always changing, so it brings a little excitement to find those special treasures each time visit.

I’d like to see in the future of Downtown Hillsboro: small retail clothing stores for the whole family, a small grocery store, and the re-opening of the Venetian as a venue and restaurant. Downtown Hillsboro has a lot to offer both the great community and the support of neighborhood businesses. It also has a family atmosphere during the day with great restaurants, small shops, great art galleries, and stores. In the evening, Downtown offers theater venues, great food, and music.”

Downtown Hillsboro is proud to have Julie at Nan’s on Third located just a half block off Main Street. Her square footage is close to 3,000 between sales floor, dressing rooms, and stock. Come and check out our growing Downtown and reach out when you’re ready to make Downtown Hillsboro home for your business.

Julie has discovered that a sure-fire way to slow down pedestrian traffic, is to roll a clearance rack our onto the sidewalk. Most women that stop, can’t help but continue exploring in the store.

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