At our October 9th Downtown Business Forum, we had a presentation from Gregg Snyder and David McIlney, planners from the City of Hillsboro, about potential improvements and upgrades to the Hillsboro Central TriMet Station between 3rd and 4th Avenues on Washington Street. These changes would be dependent on a Metro transportation measure that is slated to be on the ballot in November 2020. Two potential components of the plan would be to make the bus area two-way and to add a two-way bicycle route around the platform.

They opened the conversation asking what else Downtown businesses would like to see as part of the potential changes. There was strong support for public restrooms , with those attending the meeting mentioning that approximately 160 requests are made for restroom use by non-customers per day. Other ideas brought forward included a designated smoking area, drinking fountains, a second floor parking structure, and a welcome/visitor center.

The City is just beginning the conversation about what these changes could include, so if you have ideas, thoughts, or concerns, please email them to Karla Antonini at

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