Call to Makers (Temporium)

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting and selling your creations with Hillsboro Downtown Partnership (HDP) at the Temporium. The Temporium is a pop-up store that focuses on filling vacant niches in the Downtown Hillsboro retail business market. We look forward to the opportunity to see your creative work and hope that it can find a place here with us.

We are interested in products of high-quality craftsmanship and unique design, suitable for display in a dense retail environment. To help us make a decision that is most appropriate for our store and for you, please read the following information carefully.


Youth-made Products and Art

At this time, we are focusing on products from local youth makers. This means that items of interest to us include those designed, created, handmade, or produced by individuals that are under 20 years old and have a connection to Hillsboro, Aloha, Cornelius, and North Plains. We are also interested in products by teams of makers of which a majority fit the first two qualifications.


Wildlife Products and Art

We have identified an unfilled niche in our area for urban wildlife products. Starting in April 2022, we anticipate hosting the Temporium as a pop-up store featuring products that would attract wildlife to your yard and supplement our urban habitat with water and housing. Products will also include clothing, accessories, and home décor that feature native flora and fauna. If you are a maker, artist, or grower that produces items that fit this niche, please email to be included in future announcements.


Consignment Program Basics

Most of the products in the Temporium are on consignment. We value our consignment program as an important component to our pop-up store.

We accept applications on a rolling basis. HDP staff will determine which items to sell on consignment based on the following criteria: aesthetics and design, technical competence, originality, presentation, retail potential, suitability to our space limitations, and whether the items are in direct competition with other consignees. We commit to working with you to refine your products to fit these criteria.

Here are some questions that we will ask when deciding whether to accept your work:

  • Is the work technically proficient and of a high standard of quality?
  • Is it unique?
  • Is the maker’s particular vision or personality apparent?
  • Does it make us say “wow!”?
  • Will the work be successful in the context of our sales?
  • Does the artist have the resources to be a successful retail exhibitor?


Products/art may be accepted at any time. If you would like to show us your item(s) in person, please make an appointment ahead of time so that we can give you our undivided attention. We will consider the availability of space in the store, current representation in your medium, and the marketability of your work in our particular location.

Please provide the following as your application for consignment in the Temporium:

  • A short biography, including, at a minimum, your age or year in school, current school, who or what inspires your work, and what your current career pathway or artistic vision.
  • A digital photo of yourself, casual is fine, for us to use in the store and in online promotions.
  • Sample(s) of your work.

We will contact you within 10 days after the arrival of your application/samples to let you know if your products are a good match for the Temporium.


Along with your products, you will be asked to sign the consignment agreement and submit the IRS W-9 form, as well as a List of Inventory for your products left at the shop.

All items must be clean, undamaged, odor free (or of clean natural odor), and ready to display.

Each item must be tagged with a tag that has your name, business name (if applicable), materials used in the item, and washing instructions (if applicable). Please don’t mark the tags with prices as HDP will add our own price stickers. Any business cards provided, attached or otherwise, will be displayed or available for distribution.

Work should be shipped or delivered in person as soon as possible after its acceptance unless an alternative date has been arranged.


Once your goods have been accepted, please always check with us first before bringing additional or replacement items. We will contact you if one or more of your products is running low in inventory.

There are many factors that determine what we carry and how much inventory we display including what season it is, other items that have come in, and, naturally, our space limitations. If you bring in items without inquiring first, we reserve the right to not accept them or to keep them in storage until current inventory moves. If this does not happen within a month or two, we will ask you to pick up your items.


There is no requirement for makers to help run the Temporium, although we may ask you to be present for a special event or to meet with a partner. Otherwise want to allow you to focus your time on creating and making.

Once your products are placed in The Temporium, it is up to HDP staff (not the makers) to handle the display and sales of those items in the shop. While we do hope you will frequent the shop often, please do not try to sell your items directly to customers. We strive to create a relaxing, no pressure atmosphere in the shop, a place where people can take their time to admire all of the beautiful things we have, including your work as well as the work of others.

Staff rotates our inventory so that different items are displayed at different areas of the shop at different times. When you come in the shop you may find your items front and center or rotated to another place to give someone else’s items a turn to be front and center.

Our inventory also rotates on a seasonal basis. For instance, if you make winter items such as hats, scarves, and mittens, we may contact you as early as August to start increasing our inventory to prepare for the fall, holiday, and winter seasons. Conversely, in the spring, we may ask you to remove some of your winter inventory items. If your items are of a lighter nature that might sell better in the warmer months, we may ask you for more inventory in late winter and ask it to be removed in the fall.

If you have any online marketing tips that you’d like to share with the other Downtown Hillsboro businesses, please send them our way by emailing

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