Main Street programs are traditionally built on the foundation for volunteerism and community engagement, and Hillsboro Downtown Partnership (HDP) is no different. We have opportunities that require as little as a two-hour commitment to leadership roles that serve multi-year terms, and everything in between. If you are interested in volunteering, follow one of the links below, or set up an information meeting with one of our staff.  



A beautiful day in the neighborhood sometimes requires a little help from our neighbors. Come Downtown to help beautify the sidewalks and public areas with some tidying up. We’ll be on litter patrol, cleaning benches, pulling weeds, and removing graffiti. This is a great way to show your support for our locally-owned small businesses and demonstrate your community pride.

COMMITMENT: 2-3 hours

HELPFUL SKILLS: Eagerness to help; awareness of surroundings

AGE MINIMUM: Typically 10 years, but we try to schedule a project to include littles every couple of months



The day of an event is when we needs all hands on deck to keep things running smoothly. The goal is always to make it look effortless to the participants. But the truth is, it usually takes dozens of volunteers supporting an event to pull it off. If you or your group would like to help with anything from cookie decorating to street closures, we would love to have you. 

COMMITMENT: One shift, 4-8 hours long. Sometimes a training in advance.

HELPFUL SKILLS: Basic people skills; a variety of other skills, depending on the position

AGE MINIMUM: 12 to 14 years, depending on the position

PARTNERS: Varies by event


Looking for an off-site opportunity to bond with your coworkers? Have a group of youth that want to give back to their community? We would love to match you up with a project that fits your time frame and abilities. Projects range from collecting information to getting down and dirty cleaning benches and other ammenities.

COMMITMENT: 2-4 hours. Add lunch at a Downtown restuarant and a scavenger hunt to make a full day out of it. 

HELPFUL SKILLS: Eagerness to help. Team spirit

AGE MINIMUM: We can create a project for groups with kids as young as 5 years

PARTNERS: Varies by project



Whether you want to take on a solo project, be part of a passionate team, or lead a team of creative volunteers, you can be part of something real. We have projects waiting for volunteers and and are always interested in hearing your ideas. Projects range from construction and art installations to retail campaigns and program development. This is can be a good option for senior projects or scouts seeking their leadership awards. 

COMMITMENT: 16 to 100 hours, depending on the project 

HELPFUL SKILLS: Passion, problem-solving; coordination

AGE MINIMUM: 14 years (or high school freshmen)


We love hosting interns. High school level positions help provide opportunities for teens looking to explore potential career paths. These roles include customer service training, taking on responsibilities that support the organization, and experience completing a variety of general business tasks. College level positions are available for high school graduates looking to take on projects or roles to build their resumes and start building their professional network.

COMMITMENT: 20 to 150 hours, depending on availability and position

HELPFUL SKILLS: Willingness to try out new things; eagerness to learn

AGE MINIMUM: 14 years (or high school freshman) for high school positions; 18 years (or high school diploma/GED)


Events obviously can’t coordinate themselves, so we rely on dedicated volunteers who are looking to make a significant contribution by organizing and leading one of our community events, including Block Party in July, Safe n Sane Halloween in October, and the Holly Days Celebration each December. Teams typically form four to six months before an event and meet monthly. With plenty of staff support, teams divy up responsibilties and put on amazing events!

COMMITMENT: 30 to 120 hours depending on role

HELPFUL SKILLS: Organization and dedication

AGE MINIMUM: 16 years (or high school junior)


Block Captain

The face-to-face time offered in this role is one of the channels that helps communication flowing both directions between businesses and HDP. They distribute materials and communication about all things related to Downtown. They also take ideas, news, and concerns from businesses back to HDP. Volunteers enjoy this once-a-month interaction with their assigned businesses, and businesses are happy to have someone who is looking out for them, keeping them updated of ‘what’s up Downtown’.

COMMITMENT: Minimum of two hours per month for a year

HELPFUL SKILLS: Comfortable with talking to new people and having casual conversations

AGE MINIMUM: 16 years (or high school junior)


The Main Street Approach is built on four pillars, and that is how we have our program committees organized. Each committee meets monthly. Depending on your interests, one of the four committees will be the right fit for your input and commitment. 

COMMITMENT: Minimum of fours hours per month for at least one year

HELPFUL SKILLS: Comfortable with talking to new people and having casual conversations

AGE MINIMUM: 16 years (or high school junior)


The Board of Directors is a decisive, action-oriented group. The purpose of the Board is to advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of HDP so as to support the organization’s mission and needs. We only exist because of community members willing to commit their time to the governance of this non-profit organization. Commitment to this position makes the implementation of strategies and fulfillment of long-term goals for Downtown Hillsboro a reality.

COMMITMENT: a minimum of 10 hours a month

HELPFUL SKILLS: Willingness to professionally represent HDP’s mission and values

AGE MINIMUM: 16 years (or high school junior)

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