Christmas in July

Hillsboro businesses are making shopping even more fun with a local spin on Christmas in July. Join us for special offers and fun (distanced) activities. Look for creative window displays and fun surprises – you never know when you might see Santa in his swim trunks or a palm tree show up in the Civic Center Plaza! Follow along and share your expereinces with #buyhillsboro on social media.


We know that you try to shop and buy local all of the time, but as we work from home more and online ordering is sooooo easy, it doesn’t always happen. We would like to challenge you to try a little harder next month. Check out your favorite business’s website, because many of them have added online shopping and ordering options, in addition to curbside pickup and even local delivery! If you are out and about, walk through the shopping districts and see how they have adapted to the new normal. Buy a gift card, place an order, get take out, or even just give them a positive review online. 


As we all have heard, the forced closures and other impacts to businesses have been devastating to many of our small businesses, in particular in the retail, dining, and personal services categories. So, in partnership between the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce, the City of Hillsboro’s Economic Development Department, and the Hillsboro Downtown Partnership, we are presenting Christmas in July. Please shop and buy from locally-owned businesses as much as possible in July. They need the cash flow so they can recover and be back at 100% for the true holiday season.



We also hope the wave of generosity that many people feel around the holidays can spread to the month of July this year. Many of our local social change organizations are stretched to the limit or lost their funding, or both during the pandemic. We believe one of the best ways to give back is to support local causes in our community, and there are many local charities that are headquartered in Hillsboro. Many of our businesses are also holding drives for their favorite community organizations. And if you get asked to round-up to support a nonprofit, please consider saying “sure!”


BUSINESS PARTICIPATION: Many of our local businesses are able to participate in this month-long campaign, and some have to scale down their participation, because they are not yet able to, but we love them all the same. If you are a Downtown business and would like to support or participate, please email If you are a business outside of Downtown please email Or you can also fill out this survey to let us know how you plan to participate. 

Here’s are a few promotional materials for businesses to download and share:

Flyer 8.5×11″ (PDF) 
Social Media Event Banner (png)
Social Media Square Post (png)
The Flamingo (png)

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