Seasonal Banner Fundraisers

Celebrate the season!

Twice a year, HDP offers personalized banners that hang throughout Downtown to celebrate the season and raise money for local charities. All proceeds from this fundraiser are donated to a new organization every year. Supporters can purchase a message to be displayed on one or both sides of the banner, and can even donate more to keep their banner as a keepsake forever. This is a great opportunity to surprise a loved one with a special message, express your gratitude for someone in the community, or declare your love for Downtown Hillsboro! 

We are dedicating the Season of Love's fundraiser to celebrate the teachers, administrators, families, and friends who support the education of students and in particular, those who are impacted by racial, economic, or social inequities. We hope you take this chance to dedicate a special message to someone you know who is in the education system or who supports it in their own way! In keeping with this theme, this fundraiser will support local educational partner, Greater Than. 

We are still accepting banner dedications outside of these parameters, so feel free to celebrate anyone in your life who deserves a little love this season, even your Hillsboro community as a whole! 

Winter 2022/2023 Banners Support Greater Than

Greater than supports students effected by social inequities that can disrupt learning:

"At Greater Than, we strive to demonstrate that there is a different way to approach the longstanding inequities in our education system. We believe that the broader community as a whole needs to come together to meet the needs of students and families and allow schools and teachers to focus on what they do best: facilitate learning. When a community-based organization can coordinate programs, partners, and help families meet their basic household needs, it enables a school environment to focus on the core purpose of teaching."

They are doing amazing work, right in our backyard:

"Downtown Hillsboro Lincoln Street Elementary serves 400 students through 6th grade. Over 62% are emerging bilingual students, most of whom speak Spanish as a first language. Lincoln Street students have persistently had the lowest academic success rates in the district. We began working with Lincoln Street students in 2021 and are currently growing our program to Evergreen Middle School to serve 7th and 8th graders and their families."

Find out more about Greater Than here. 


BANNERS: There are 94 message slots available, with each donation being for one side of a banner. You are welcome to purchase both sides of the banner. There will be an additional cost to keep the banner.

LOCATION: Banners will be hung throughout downtown on the following blocks:

  • Main St. from 1st-5th Ave
  • 2nd Ave from Baseline St. to Lincoln St.
  • 3rd Ave from Baseline St. to Lincoln St.
  • 4th Ave from Baseline St. to Lincoln St.
  • 5th Ave from Baseline St. to Lincoln St.

WHEN: Mid-February through March and mid-October through November. 

COST: Each dedication costs $50 with proceeds going to support our Downtown community. 

CONTENT RESTRICTIONS:  Keep your message under 20 words to ensure it is visible from the street.

Messages will not be accepted if they have the effect of alarming, threatening, offending, or misleading a reasonable person. Such choices may include, but are not limited to, combinations of letters and/or numbers that:

  • Refer to intimate bodily parts or to sexual or excretory functions;
  • Refer in an alarming or offensive manner to a person or class of persons on the basis of race, color, gender, ethnic heritage, national origin, or other characteristic;
  • Refer to illegal acts; or
  • Refer to alcoholic beverages or controlled substances or paraphernalia used in the consumption thereof.”


  • We are unable to guarantee any specific locations for banners.
  • We will do our best to let you know where your banner has been hung, but we cannot guarantee that we will locate it and let you know by any specific date.
  • We will have a selfie station for you to help memorialize your dedication.
  • If you would like to keep your banner, we require a donation of $160 to cover the cost of the banner in addition to the printed message. In this case, you are also welcome to print a message on both sides of the banner.
Imagine your dedication here:

2021/2022 Banner Dedications Supported: 
Hillsboro Community Fund and Weil Arcade Fire Victims
Habitat for Humanity
Hillsboro Downtown Partnership

Through the generosity of sponsors and donors, Hillsboro Downtown Partnership has completed many projects to beautify, promote, and build community in our wonderful Downtown. Over the last year, we have:

  • Built outdoor dining parklets for businesses impacted by COVID-19 safety regulations.
  • Fundraised $1900 for OHSU Hillsboro Health Center’s Cardiac Department.
  • Placed and planted 21 new planters at storefronts throughout Downtown.
  • Planted a pollinator garden at Bag & Baggage designed by a high school intern.
  • Supported the return of outdoor events to Downtown.
  • Coordinated more than two dozen volunteer cleanup projects. 
  • Hosted virtual events to bring holiday festivities into the homes of our community.

With your purchase of a banner dedication, you will be helping us to complete more projects like these!

CONTACT INFO: If you have any further questions about this fundraiser, contact Tess at [email protected]