Downtown Activities During the Harvest Season

We love fall, most of all!

When you think “shop local”, it’s hard not to imagine Downtown Hillsboro. The options can fulfill the wishes of those friends and family members that you have on your gift list and Downtown businesses are working hard to make your shopping experiences safe and memorable.


The bushels are full and there are plenty of options to meet all of your canning and preservation needs. 


Shop Small® and do something big. According to research done by American Express, for every $1 spent at a small business, an average of $0.67 stays in the community. Wow, that’s a huge impact! And if that’s not motivation enough, come on Downtown and see what our small businesses have to offer.

The City of Hillsboro has been curating a map of small businesses that are open for business since the pandemic began. Check it out and maybe you’ll discover a local business you didn’t know about. 


Tired of being stuck at home with the pandemic and weather. We’d love to have you volunteer at a project or lead one of your own. We have volunteer opportunities where you can get involved in the community, whether you are apply your experience or learning new skills. Check out these opportunities.


BUSINESS PARTICIPATION: Many of our Downtown businesses are able to participate in all of these activities, and some have to scale down their participation, because they aren’t big enough yet, but we love them all the same. If you are a Downtown business and would like to support or participate in one of these events, please contact us using the form below.