We Would Love to Partner with You

“My dream is that every business and organization in Downtown will consider us a partner.”

– Elisa Joy Payne, Executive Director

At Hillsboro Downtown Partnership, “partnership” is in our name! Cultivating our Downtown community is hard work, and we couldn’t do it without all the partners that join and support our efforts. Whether you are a volunteer at an event or a foundation funding one of our initiatives, we are grateful to have a relationship with you and humbled by your contributions to our community. 



Community means a lot in Hillsboro, and as the heart of our community, we take a lot of pride in creating a place where people can connect with their neighbors, small businesses, non-profits, a variety of cultures, and our history.

  • We work to engage community members through volunteering with projects at all levels.
  • We collaborate to create a fun, interesting, and vibrant Downtown scene for everyone.
  • We are always looking for ways to beautify Downtown and make it easier to access.
  • Welcome all feedback and strive to be in constant conversation with our community.
  • Community members can step up and be involved or help plan an event.

Supporting businesses and building their relationships with the community is core to many of the things we do. There are more than 200 businesses, ranging from solopreneurs and microbusinesses to larger family-owned and corporate businesses, we essentially have them all in Downtown Hillsboro.

  • We listen to businesses' needs and concerns in order to connect them to the right resources.
  • We introduce them to other businesses for collaboration, networking, and support.
  • We partner with businesses to uncover ways to coordinate efforts and initiatives to save time and resources, with the goal of making their business more enjoyable and efficient to operate.
  • We bring relevant and insightful training, tips, and tools to help your business thrive.

With Downtown, there are more than 200 different property owners, from all walks of life, that have invested in our community by owning commercial buildings, residential properties, and even parking lots.

  • We work with property owners to quickly find new tenants to co-create a full, prosperous and vibrant Downtown district.
  • We help property owners facilitate a positive relationship with their tenants.
  • We connect property owners with resources to beautify their buildings, inside and out.
  • Property owners connect us with new and prospective businesses so we can introduce them to the Downtown business community.

Hillsboro Downtown Partnership is strongly supported by our City elected officials and employees. A dedicated Economic Development department allocates resources to support the urban renewal district that includes our focus area. Public Works, Planning, Parks & Recreation, and the Library Departments all provide resources and share responsibilities to support our mission.

We’d love to hear your ideas about how you want to partner in Downtown Hillsboro.

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