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One of Hillsboro Downtown Partnership's current initiatives is to simultaneously support recovery efforts from both COVID-19 related shut downs and the Weil-Arcade fire (January 2022) while also assisting in the reopening of some of Downtown's beloved cultural celebrations. We recognize recovery support cannot be done using a one-size-fits all approach. As a result, we've connected directly with the Downtown community to understand their individual needs. We have found ourselves delivering resources, painting, hauling, translating, mediating partnerships and promoting initiatives among other tasks. We're working with high school and college advisors in offering internships to local students to support downtown programs and events as the rebound while also satisfying academic requirements. Our list of support is unending. As a small nonprofit, we are nimble and have tailored our work based on the needs of the Downtown Hillsboro community.

Elisa Joy ‘EJ’ Payne

Executive Director

Going from volunteering Downtown into her position as Executive Director was a smooth transition for EJ. As she will tell you, she lives, works, and loves Downtown Hillsboro. Her background includes small business ownership, community outreach, environmental education, and management of projects in a variety of industries. When she’s not in Downtown Hillsboro, which isn’t very often, you might find her at Portland Timbers matches or camping across Oregon with her husband Kelly and their two mutts.

Tess Carlin

Beautification Coordinator

Tess moved to Oregon in 2015 after falling in love with the green hills, cloudy skies, and friendly people. She graduated from PSU in 2019 with a BS in Environmental Science & Management. There, she cultivated her love for nature and conducted a study on campus bioswales while working as a groundskeeper. This project sparked her interest in uniting nature and urban environments for the good of the community as well as the planet. At HDP, she hopes to continue this work in providing green spaces in Downtown Hillsboro while forging connections with neighbors and visitors.

Sean Kornegay

Beautification Groundskeeping Specialist 

Sean grew up in North Plains and attended Glencoe High School, before taking landscape technology classes at Portland Community College and beginning his career in groundskeeping at a local golf course. He worked there for almost two decades but decided to transition to working in Downtown Hillsboro, which he now calls home. He’s become very passionate about keeping Downtown tidy and welcoming. His pride shows in his work and how much his teammates and our neighbors have come to love him.

Donna Satterlee

Business Outreach Coordinator 

A Hillsboro native, through and through, Donna brings her love of her community together with her extensive background in marketing. She began volunteering with HDP when the organization was first formed and we are proud to have her as part of our team. The amazing food and beautiful cut flowers that she often surprises us with a hint at the time she spends growing and creating at home. And when not in the garden, she is spending time with her family or the many people that are lucky to have her as a friend.

Maria I. Aguilar Alvarado

Business Outreach Assistant

Maria has lived her whole life in Hillsboro, so to see it grow alongside her has allowed her love for the city to flourish. Although she is studying at Willamette University down in Salem, she was not able to be away from helping her hometown and is back to be involved with HDP. With her constantly developing leadership and inclusive skills gained from M.E.Ch.A., TRIO, Link Crew, Hillsboro Soccer, IB, and the Hillsboro School District, she hopes to direct her efforts towards helping Downtown Hillsboro businesses in any way she can.

Julie Case

Event Coordinator

Bio coming soon

Julie Harrison

Beautification Facilities Specialist 

Bio coming soon

Michelle Mitchell

Beautification Horticulture Specialist 

Gardening has been in her blood since she started her first job at a garden store while still in high school. Alongside her husband, she has been raising their two lovely daughters in NW Hillsboro, while also working as a private gardener for homeowners from Sherwood to Hillsboro. When she isn’t with her family or working you might find her riding horses or spending time in her own productive garden, always with her mini pack of rescue dogs along for the ride.

Jamin Tscharner

Beautification Assistant 

Bio coming soon

Sophie Contreras

Community Outreach Coordinator 

Sophie has done community stewardship work since 2011 through boots-on-the-ground engagement and community buy-in. She started her career working for a backpacking camp for foster youth which taught her the importance of giving voices to marginalized communities through direct service. Transitioning into adulthood, working in community engagement positions allowed her to take backcountry lessons and interpret them in an urban setting. She dug deep into local resources, grew partnerships, managed stewardship projects and large events, expanded initiatives, outreached her heart out, and immersed herself in each new community. Each time Sophie’s goal was to plant the seed of community stewardship.

Lorelei Ruiz

Business Outreach Assistant 

Bio coming soon

Jolene Wilson

Organization Coordinator

She was born in sunny Hillsboro and attended Hilhi, that’s when life took a turn and she started to fly. Spent quite some time in IT looking for a win, always had a bug to Give Non-profit a spin.

She will take her love of Hillsboro and the great outdoors, her lovely twin boys and those parenting chores to leverage her skills on a new exciting trip, with all the great folks at Hillsboro Downtown Partnership.

Roland Salas

Business Outreach Coordinator

Mary Mowbray

Beautification Coordinator


The HDP Board of Directors are the governance side of the organization. This group of volunteers represent Downtown property owners, business owners, partners, and the community. The Board’s functions include strategic direction, financial accountability, leadership development, and resource development.

Adam Saffel


Evan Aldrete

Vice President

Michelle Smith


Karla Antonini

City of Hillsboro Liaison

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The Main Street Approach is built on four pillars, and that is how we have our program committees organized. Each committee meets monthly. 

Design Committee

  • Marcia Hale
  • Dmitri Wright
  • Kimberly Culbertson
  • Roger Newton
  • Sherri Meshke
  • Lori Prince
  • Michele McCall-Wallace
  • Tess Carlin, Staff Liaison

Economic Committee

  • Bailey Wilkerson, Chair
  • Kirra Krussman
  • Mary Bosch
  • Molly Moore
  • Dara Schumacher
  • Donna Satterlee, Staff Liaison
  • Karla Antonini, Board Liaison

Coming soon. To create a solid community organization and prevent decisions from becoming insular, we are partnering with advisors from a variety of perspectives. In addition to the groups that are Downtown specific, we also have open invitations to utilize the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce’s advisory councils.

Property Owners