The Downtown Hive


The Downtown Hive amplifies Hillsboro's collaborative ecosystem by providing space for cultural exchange as well as to inspire ideas, foster community, and share resources. We imagine an activated coworking center for cultivating ideas for a more equitable Downtown Hillsboro.

This is another program by Hillsboro Downtown Partnership. 

Why is The Downtown Hive important?

The Downtown Hive was developed as a place to create connections between neighbors, volunteers, entrepreneurs, investors and visitors who want to collaborate with others and actively engage in our community. We hope to help create and grow relationships and ideas that activate Downtown as a cultural destination and a place where community members feel welcome to engage.

Do you want to support The Downtown Hive?

The Downtown Hive welcomes everyone to take a deep dive into downtown Hillsboro. We host a volunteer work party on the last Saturday of every month from 9am to noon. Projects range from painting and organizing to supporting ongoing partner projects. We can happily accommodate individuals and groups and welcome people of all abilities. 

To sign up to volunteer CLICK ME!

To learn more about this month’s projects, please email [email protected]

Who does The Downtown Hive support?

The Downtown Hive is home to several small nonprofits that help make downtown Hillsboro a vibrant place to live, play and work. 

Hillsboro Downtown Partnership

Our mission is to cultivate and amplify a vibrant Downtown Hillsboro community.

Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets

Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets creates community gathering-places for people to buy local produce and products. We partner with farms, small businesses, and groups to provide education and resources. These efforts strive to enhance our community health and economic growth.

Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market

Enhance Hillsboro's community identity by providing vibrant gatherings that support opportunities for: cultural enrichment through art and music; commercial exchange for local growers and artisans; and celebration of the diversity represented in Hillsboro and its surrounding communities.

My Father

Our mission is to educate men so that the generations to come are not fatherless

Hillsboro Food Co-Op

Mission: Through the feasibility and planning stage of our development, we will follow our mission to mobilize our community to open a cooperatively-owned grocery store in Hillsboro that supports our region.

Tualatin Valley Creates 

Tualatin Valley Creates drives the development of inclusive, resilient, creative communities using arts, culture, heritage, and humanities. Our vision is to foster the growth of a robust arts and culture ecosystem in Washington County.

Rentals at The Hive

After working remote for the past few years, we realized that in-person meetings always lead to a bit more connection and success. We are happy to loan our space to those who may not have a dedicated office but need some face-to-face time. Choose from several flexible spaces that are just right for your needs. They can be customized to achieve your vision. 

At The Hive our mission is based on collaboration and making it possible to bring people together for accomplishing amazing things.

Rental Information