What to expect: 

Every spring, HDP invites local artists to participate in our Spring Window Artist Takeover. 10-12 artists are selected to create a temporary art installation that showcases their unique interpretation of our central theme. Windows are on display from April to June, so make sure to come Downtown to see the current paintings before they are gone! These paintings help us to usher in the warmth and colors of spring after a long Pacific Northwest winter. 


We invite local artists from Hillsboro and surrounding communities to participate in this project, but aren't prescriptive about experience, so our artists range from established professionals to new and up and coming artists who may have never taken on a project of this size. In this way we remove barriers to participation based on experience, allowing for a diverse range of artists to participate. Each painting and its artist are profiled on our social media throughout the project, providing an additional platform for artists to be recognized, and giving our community a look at the people behind the paintings. 


Our business hosts benefit from this project in a variety of ways. We hope that by making these connections between artists and business owners, each can expand their network, and we have even seen businesses hire their artist to do graphic design for them after the project ends. The windows attract visitors from Hillsboro and beyond, encouraging people to come Downtown to view the art, and stay to eat and shop while they're here. Each painting is specially created to compliment the unique brand and display of its host, while still being united in the common theme throughout Downtown. 

We feel that this project is the perfect opportunity to showcase our vibrant community Downtown, connecting artists, businesses, neighbors, and visitors to build the unique and colorful fabric of Downtown Hillsboro! 


Invitation to participate: HERE

Application form: HERE


Please contact [email protected] with any questions. 


A window painting of a beautiful grey and white butterfly under some big green leaves.
A window painting of a fuzzy bee flying over a bunch of yellow, pink a purple flowers.  In the background is a snow covered mountain.
A window painting of a small dog chasing butterflies on a grass hill covered with wild flowers.