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“The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of them.”

– Linus Pauling

Our town would not exist if not for the first person who had the idea to settle here. Hillsboro Downtown Partnership would not exist if not for those who had the idea to create an organization that could help keep Downtown Hillsboro vitalized. So now it’s time for you to share your idea to take us to the next level. We’ve tried to make the process transparent and simple.

Here is the flowchart of what happens when you submit an idea:



How do you get around Downtown and what would make it easier and safer?


A third place refers to a social surrounding that is separate from the two usual social environments of home ("first place") and workplace/school ("second place"). Where is your Downtown third place?

  • What third places are we missing Downtown?


There is a role for everyone in Downtown. How are you involved now? How do you want to be involved?

  • Are you an expert on something and have time to share your Expertise?
  • What are other ways that community members could be contributing to Downtown?
  • Do you belong to or know of a group looking for a way to volunteer together?
  • What ways can we engage young people in Downtown?



We want to know what you think is missing Downtown. What do you feel like you have to order online or drive out of town to get?

  • Are there specific products you haven't been able to find Downtown?
  • Are there missing professional services
  • Are there missing personal services
  • You are still hungry for…
  • Do you have a business idea? Let us know so we can help to make it a reality.
  • What business do you wish would open/relocate/expand into Downtown Hillsboro?


We are pretty sure that as our Downtown grows, it will become more of a destination for regional, national, and even international tourists. If you weren’t here already, would you visit?

  • What would get your regionally located family/friends to come visit Downtown Hillsboro if they don’t already?
  • What’s missing and where would you put it?
  • What’s your favorite touristy site or activity in Downtown?
  • What kind of activities is or could Downtown be a meeting or launching point for? 


We believe that it is essential that everyone that lives, works, or visits Downtown feels welcome, included, and secure.

  • Are there any missing resources to meet our neighbors’ needs?
  • What is an equity issue that you have observed Downtown?
  • What could be added or changed to make downtown more equitable?
  • How can we improve accessibility Downtown?
  • Do you know of a downtown business or neighbor that needs a connection to resources or could use some other support?
  • If we asked businesses, organizations, and partners to sign on to a Downtown Hillsboro Code of Inclusion with a commitment to help ensure a welcoming atmosphere in Downtown, what would you want it to include?


What are the best ways for us to let you know about Downtown happenings? 

  • What topics do you want to hear from or through us in regards to living, working, or owning a business in Downtown?
  • How do you find out about Downtown Hillsboro happenings?
  • If you aren't hearing about Downtown happenings and events in a timely avenue, what other channels might help us reach you?


We believe a Downtown community make an impact in the efforts to fight Climate Change.

  • How can we contain and remove contaminants from the past?
  • What can we do to reduce or eliminate waste?
  • How can we improve air quality?


We are directly upstream from Jackson Bottom Wetlands and the junction where several creeks join the Tualatin River, meaning that how we treat our environment is important. Equally important is ensuring that our neighbors have equitable access to nature and the benefits of the natural world (shade, fresh air, beauty, locally grow foods, dark skies, less noise pollution, etc.).

  • Do you have a favorite street tree or street of trees in Downtown?
  • What types of trees do we need more of in Downtown Hillsboro?
  • What are some ways that Downtown and our business community can be greener?
  • How can we ensure clean water?



We have a fairly robust calendar of event, but know there is demand and capacity for more. 

  • What other events and activities are needed to fill the gaps throughout the year - specifically January through April? 
  • Are you part of a cultural or ethic group that would like to host an event in Downtown or be part of and existing event? 
  • Do you know of an existing event that is looking for a new location?
  • What activities, installations, or features would entice you to explore the side street and neighborhoods of Downtown? 

*We also keep visual ideas on our Pinterest boards.


Feel free to find us at the Downtown Hive or one of the many events Downtown. But be warned that anything more than a tiny idea, we might ask you to fill out a form with more details. 



You can use the only form linked below, comment on a social media post, or send us a message through your favorite social media platform. 



Or you can pick up a form from our office, and event, or printed from the PDF below. Then keep Kevin, our mailman, busy by addressing it to Hillsboro Downtown Partnership, 233 SE Washington Street, Hillsboro, OR 97123. 



Idea sharing and management is essential to both HDP’s community engagement efforts and our long term strategic planning. It can feed into and continue evolving the community’s vision for what Downtown Hillsboro will look, feel, and act like in the future.

We do not guarantee that every idea will come to fruition, but we do commit to providing you feedback when you want it and keeping your idea in our list of ideas, in case it is the perfect match to a future initiative or project.

If you have a barrier/disability that you anticipate preventing your full participation in this process, please let us know and we will do everything reasonable to accommodate you.

We consider idea sharing to be a self-guided process, thus the various tools available for submitting ideas. You may encounter HDP representatives along the way, but we are just here to assist and stimulate the idea process, not to guide.

Downtown Ideas - new, in process, and accomplished

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